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Quality Control and Assurances

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Currently our work on the initiative is moving along well. Our team is documenting the information of labeling, storage, shipping etc and analyzing it for the improvement performances of quality and quality control. The team focus on the risks that could occur by comparing the mistake by what happened in the previous 6 months in which resulted in many examples as it relates to the products and services we offer such as: mishandling of the labels that are put on the products, also spelling mistakes and expiration dates are incorrectly placed on the products. There was also finding related to storing the finished products incorrectly, placing the product in the wrong areas in the warehouse and in the wrong warehouse as well, failure to keep accurate records of the product and the location in which the products should be kept, there was also findings of shipping mistakes such as shipping the amounts of the products incorrectly, and well as shipping to the incorrect locations etc. We will evaluate our most critical three issues as it relates to the above descriptions and find an effective solution to solving some of these problems issues as it relates to the above scenarios as well.

The team and I concluded that there are many issues to address but we narrowed it down to the top three issues that are in need of some critical evaluating and solving. Our choices are how to improve quality assurance overall, implementing a storage system with accurate labeling, inventory counts, where to store and when to store our product which will also include our shipping correction. Since we will be using new systems and implementing new procedures we will need to train our employees to better use the system as it relates to their job functions.

Improving Quality

Since we have already determine what problems that we are faced with the solution to those problem is what we now need to determine to make sure that the organization will benefit from the new changes that will take affect due to the knowledge of our current issues.

One way to solve the operational issues is to consolidate the services making the services more efficient is the key success in improving the quality of services as a whole. To implement any process of change within the organization there has to be effect communication and cooperation among the staff, management, venders and organization which will help with reducing


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