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Pros Andcons Software Quality Assurance

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  • In peer review process, peer reviewers promote software that is easy to read and maintain. [1]
  • Bugs are caught early. [1]
  • The peer reviewer process is cheaper and easier to fix than software testing activities. [1] 
  • To assess the influence of peer review on manuscript quality, an attempt was made to quantitatively characterize changes to manuscripts by performing line-by-line comparisons of published articles with the submitted versions. [2]
  • Reviews reveal assumptions, help the team establish shared expectations, and create a common understanding of technical work products. [3]
  • Reviews help practitioners build products that are simple and understandable, which reduces maintenance and enhancement costs. [3]
  • The maximum inspection benefits come from process improvements that prevent defects in future work. [3]


  • They can require resources that are needed for other projects. [1] 
  • The most troublesome flaws in the peer review process are exposed by the increasingly frequent cases highlighting the inability of peer review to expose and minimize legal and ethical problems. [2]
  • An author who walks out of a review meeting feeling embarrassed, personally attacked, or professionally insulted will not voluntarily submit work for review again. [3]
  • Management plays an essential role in determining how well an organization’s review activities work. Key issues include management participation in reviews, the use (and misuse) of data collected from reviews, and demonstrating management commitment to a review program. [3]
  • Another risk is that other participants might hesitate to point out problems if they suspect the manager is keeping mental records to use at performance evaluation time. [3]

TITLE [1]: Peer Review in Software Development:

AUTHOR :A Survey Aylin GÜZEL1 , Özlem AKTAŞ2 and Kökten Ulaş BİRANT3 1, 2, 3 Dokuz Eylül University, Computer Engineering Department Tınaztepe Campus, Buca İzmir Turkey 1, 2, 3



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