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Measuring and Managing Service Quality

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Measuring and managing service quality

GAP 1: customer expectation => company perceptions of customer expectations (the difference between them)

Activities can be undertook to improve

Inadequate or inaccurate management understanding of customer service

Causes of gap 1:

• Lack of marketing research

• Inadequate upward communication (front line of the company)

• Inefficient relationship focus

• Inadequate service recovery

Different layers at a company can create problems when it comes to communication through the company.

Customers open up when the company has a relationship with them. Therefore they here the feedback from which the company can benefit.

NO service is i show well you recover from the bad situation that they might encounter.

GAP2: service quality=> management perceptions of customer expectations

It is not easy to reach expectations of a service.

You can try to standardize services, but since the services are given by people, it is more difficult to try to do this.

Causes of the GAP

• Poor service design

• Absence of customer driven standards

• Inappropriate physical evidence and services cape

Designing a service is equal to designing the product

GAP 3: service delivery=>service standards

Causes of gap 3:

• Deficiencies in HR

• Failure to match supply and demand

• Customers not fulfilling roles

• Problems with services intermediaries

Good teamwork that is dealing with the customer. Even throughout the company. Little empowerment on the front line. That is the young ones have less power to decide on what to do, and the senior ones always decide on the frontline.

With a lot of inefficiencies, one of the causes would be the inevitability of queues.

Sometimes we use intermediaries to give a service to the customers. The intermediary may vary his service to what the company used to give to the customer.

A lot of HR issues that have to do with the work.



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