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Product Vs. Process - Quality Control

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Product vs. Process

Quality control is something a supervisor would need to have an understanding of. They don’t necessarily need the ability to design it for the organization, but they definitely are responsible for implementing it. “Quality control relating to things (products, services, raw materials, etc.) is referred to as product quality control.” (Rue & Byars, 2010) This system is used when quality is being evaluated with respect to a batch of already existing products or services. “Quality control relating to the control of a machine or an operation during the production process is called process quality control.” (Rue & Byars, 2010) This system is used when the machines and processes used are evaluated at different times to ensure they are up to par. “The idea of “building in” quality as opposed to “inspecting it in” is known as quality assurance.” (Rue & Byars, 2010) This system has been developed over the years to a more efficient and effective method. Rather than concentrating on finding any errors or issues and fixing it, quality assurance focuses on more of a prevention strategy.

In the process control, the system is used to develop preventions for any defects in the production process. In the product control, the system is used to identify any defects after production has taken place. In the quality assurance, the system is seen as an equal responsibility for all members of the organization to take part in developing preventions rather than fixing mistakes after they happen. There is always room for improvement with most things we do in life and for organizations, the quality assurance emphasis of “building in” rather than “inspecting in” definitely plays a role for their improvement. Building quality into the structure and culture of a company certainly has its advantages. Taking preventative measures for each employee to follow and develop eliminates waste, returns, and activities that are of no value from the production processes. By adding quality to their products, they are not adding to the cost of products, it could very well even lead to lowering costs at some point.

Whether the control of the process or the product is more important is very similar to the chicken or the egg causality dilemma that


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