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Quality Control Case

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Chapter 1:

2. Quality of Design: Quality of design means a product must be designed in a way that all the customer’s basic expectations and needs are met. The customer expectations that a bank has to add in its services to fulfill the quality of design are as follows:

• Acknowledgment about the advantages and limitations have to be provided to the customers before one opens an account.

• It should contain all the basic kinds of accounts such as Checking account, Savings account, Certificate of Deposit and Money Market account that an urban bank generally has.

• For the queue time of a customer to be minimal, proper and adequate staffing and delegation of authority should be maintained.

• Large number of ATMs should be present, where deposits and withdrawals are made.

• The account statement should be easily available for all the customers.

• To answer the questions of all the customers and to simplify the banking process, bank should have people at the help-desk.

Quality of Conformance: It means that a product or a service meets specific requirements set in the design stage. The stages of quality of conformance are defect finding, defect prevention, rectification and defect analysis. Few other requirements are:

• Defect prevention: The bank should keep all its technology and trivial information like statement of accounts updated and it should make sure that it shouldn’t run out of resources like any forms to be filled.

• By recruiting well versed staff, the bank makes sure that the customers are not misguided due to wrong information given by staff.

• As online money transfer should be done within the time indicated in the website, the bank should make sure that this process happens quickly.

Quality of Performance: It is the degree of customer’s satisfaction for a product or service.

Few requirements for an urban bank to maintain a good quality of performance are:

• The website should be easy to access and should have as fewer a sub links and without any advertisements on it.

• There shouldn’t be any delays in online banking and any updates or changes made on the website should be notified prior.

• More number of staff should be maintained in order to reduce the waiting time in queue.

• It should make sure that the staff is punctual.

Basic Needs:

• It


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