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Toyota’s Total Quality Control

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Toyota’s Total Quality Control

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        In order to turn out the Quality Control Department for better service delivery, there is the need to make use of the best TQM (Total Quality Management). Basically, TQM refers the various management methods that are utilized with the objective of enhancing not only quality but also productivity within the organization. TQM is actually a detailed management approach which works horizontally across the organization, whereby it involves each and every department, as well as, the entire workforce and it extends not only backward but also forward to encompass both suppliers together with clients or customers.

Short term &Long term goals

        So as to make the operations within the Quality Department realize better results, there is the need to come up and implement both short term, as well as, long term goals. Some of the short term goals which can turn out of great assistance for the Toyota Company are such as driving out fear, breaking down barriers within staff areas in addition to instituting modern leadership methods. On the side of driving out fear, it will involve of activities that are ser to make the employees feel secure in the event that they end up making mistakes or offering suggestions on either sensitive positions or topics (Jain, 2001). In that regard, measures will be place such that everyone within the workforce will not be afraid of asking questions about understanding or promoting change. Such measures include putting in place not only an effective but also efficient communication channels that will make certain that all information is held confidential with no any form of victimization. In the event that such channels are not present, employees will continue doing things wrongly or even avoid doing them at all, which can make some of the top performers leave prematurely. It is vital for better job performance that employees feel secure, as well as, have pleasure to workmanship.

Concerning breaking down barriers within staff areas, it will basically involve ensuring that there is no any department goal which sub-optimizes another department’s goal or a vital customer satisfier. In that regard, every discipline will be expected to work as one through team work for the Toyota Company as the collective group get in the position of achieving the ideal balanced scorecard. In addition, it will involve the elimination of slogans, numerical goals together with targets in addition to exhortations for the entire workforce. Therefore, employees will be allowed to come up and put into use their own slogans. Nonetheless, even though the employees must not be assigned numerical goals, the Toyota Company as an organization should have a goal, which in this case will be continuous assessment (Jain, 2001).


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