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Human Inventory Control - Implication Case

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Human Inventory Control:

When looking or reading the title of this article, it gives an idea on what it might probably be about. The word “Human” refers to people, yet “inventory” is define as a list, merchandise, supplies, account, record and the list goes on. This is how we define inventory or our connotation definition of “inventory”. This article shows how a school tried to tag students by an angle bracelet that has their identification and picture on it. The purpose is to keep an eye and record of the students on campus. Similar to how a cashier scans a merchandise to get their price and easy for managers to do inventory.

Most parents disagree with the school method, because it invades students’ privacy, and because students are not a product. This method of keeping count or technology is neither bad nor good. The implications of how it can be bad, is the evasion or personal space/identity and because students are not part of a merchandise or a part of a herd. Tags are for products, produce and animal and definitely not for “Human”. In spite of this side view, the good part is, is to avoid the outsiders and those who do not belong in school ground outside the fence. It helps to save time, by automatically log or mark student’s attendance, and keep the school ground safe.

We the people:

Several individuals are questioning, whether the congresses are doing what they are supposed to do. This refers back to when they were elected and how they took an oath of considering their constitutional authority. We understand that it is their responsibility to be considerate and care for the civilian and the people in the nation. Some may have opposed of the Obama Care or Act, where the people of the United States are penalized when they are caught without any insure. The question is whether the congress are able to uphold their oath and what limit to they have?


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