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Management, Inventory Control, and Keep It Level

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Management, inventory control, and keep it level.

      Production systems are the most talked about in the year 1980 with a process to improve productivity by focusing on high quality and low cost, it is just in time production systems or JUST IN. TIME (JIT) and just in time production. Also known in short as the production JIT is a production system that has been developed and promoted by a group of Toyota Motor in Japan and later used in many companies in Japan and spread. global And has been called different names such as GE company called Management by what you see (Management by sight) IBM company producing a continuous flow. (Continuous-flow Manufacturing) Hewlett Packard Company as a stock production model (Stockless Production) and the production (Repetitive Manufacturing System) company called General Motors production line. (Synchronized Production) and several Japanese companies in the company. Toyota Production System (Toyota Production System) Current concepts on the production system in Japan (Japanese Manufacturing System) has received attention and recognition from all over the world. Because the Japanese have been proven effective. Build a competitive advantage for businesses. And help create wealth for the country. Systems just in time. (Just-in-time) is a Japanese manufacturing techniques developed by the management of the Toyota group, which has been accepted and used in many businesses.

KANBAN system (Kanban System).

      KANBAN system can be considered as part of the production process of the JIT system and has been used as a tool to communicate with each stage of production in order to speed up the production of a consistent rhythm. To control the flow of work. It's a Japanese KANBAN cards or signs to recognize the need to do something that many will basically look like a card containing the information necessary to produce. (But not necessarily


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