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Inventory Management

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Inventory management.

Inventory (Inventory) is a key factor in the operation of the business. It represents the largest component of the cost of producing many products. Moreover, there is enough inventory to meet customer satisfaction in a timely manner. We see that the inventory is critical to the core activities of the business is huge. Effective inventory management can affect the profitability of the business directly, and now bring a computer system to manage inventory information. To achieve accurate, timely and more.

Purchase of inventory in the properties that meet your needs. Sufficient amount of money needed in time. By buying from a reliable vendor. And delivered to the place where the principles of Best Buy (Best Buy) as a starting point for inventory management.

3.1 The format of the inventory (Forms of Inventories).

3.1.1 Feedstock (Raw Material) was purchased materials or components used in manufacturing.

3.1.2 Work (Work-in-Process) is a work in process or waiting to be manufactured or produced in the forward to the next step. In the manufacturing process every step.

3.1.3 Maintenance Material. (Maintenance / Repair / Operating Supplies) is a piece of machinery or spare parts for the original parts replaced when broken or expired applications.

3.1.4 Finished Products (Finished Goods) are the factors of production through the production process will be completely ready for sale to customers.

3.2 The purpose of inventory management (Purpose of Inventory Management).

3.2.1 The main objective of inventory management in two major respects.

- Can have an adequate amount of inventory, customer service. And always keep pace with customer demand.


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