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Case Review Paper 1: Leading in Planning and Controlling

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HP Case Review Assignment

Case Review Paper 1: Leading in Planning and Controlling

Marna Gatlin


This is a case review assignment regarding the Computer company Hewlett-Packard. This case review will show the reader internal and external factors in regards to the successes and failures of the CEOs who are leading Hewlett-Packard over the past 10 years

HP Case Review Assignment

Case Review Paper 1: Leading in Planning and Controlling

​Hewlett-Packard clearly has had its ups and downs over the past decade in regards to the leadership of its company. When we examine the internal and external factors that impacted the success and failure of the CEO's of HP there were not a lot of checks and balances within their system for example:

​Carlie Fiorina served as HP's CEO from 1999-2005. During her time served as CEO Fiorina made several bad business decisions. Why she made those decisions no one but her has the answer to Dash however in her defense I feel strongly that she started off on the wrong foot with Hewlett-Packard, and in many ways set up for failure because her foundation was not terribly strong. She inherited an extraordinarily dysfunctional board.

​The main complaint against fee arena with her decision to merge Hewlett-Packard with Compaq in 2001. It was called the dumbest deal of the decade. The board was not supportive of this merger. However, she push the 19 billion Dollar acquisition over the opposition of the majority of stockholders, including, Walter Hewlett, the son of the companies founder who argued emphatically the merger would not make HP more competitive. There was a lot of infighting regarding this merger, Fiorina attacked Hewlett for daring to voice his opposition.

​Because of that merger 30,000 employees lost their jobs, and a present date over 100,000 employees were laid off due to the decisions of Fiorina.

​Fiorina did not manage HP's money efficiently and lobbied for large extravagant purchases ( 5 corporate jets ), yet she made inappropriate cutbacks for other basic needs of the company, while supporting her lavish lifestyle.

​External factors helped this company when Fiorina was let go . Investors had so little faith in her ability to lead that H.P.’s shares jumped by almost 7 percent on the day of her firing. However, H.P.’s stock price fell by more than half during Fiorina’s six-year tenure and by roughly 50 percent in just the year Apotheker was chief executive.

​In Fiorina's case she wasn't focused on


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