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How to Be a Leading Finance Magazine - a Case Study of Caijing Finance Megazine

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How to be a Leading Finance Magazine—

A Case Study of Caijing


Lin Hong


May 19, 2010

Paper submitted to the School of Magazineism and Communication

of Xiamen University in partial fulfillment of requirements for the bachelors degree.

Zhuang Hongming was faculty adviser.


Wang Shuo, the deputy editor of Caijing, a famous finance magazine for its specific editing style in China, said: "We are doing everything possible while the main line has never changed. We report events we think readers should focus on, and stories we consider to be important but not completely to follow market rules. It is not a magazine that simply caters to readers' taste, but one that is of enlightenment, and of elitist thoughts. "

"Independent, exclusive, original" is always the rule that Caijing has been following. Then how the magazine implements the rule successfully is what this research is concerned about, because in today's chaotic magazine market, manage a magazine in a specific way is a problem related to survival and development. Therefore, the hints from the study of Caijing are significant to the magazine industry. That is the purpose of this paper.

Key Words: news professionalism, quality, preciseness, styles, deepness




关键词:新闻专业主义 品质 严谨 时机 报道素质 深度


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