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Realtor Magazine Case Study

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November 7, 2011

" Realtor "

"Realtor" magazine is geared toward agents in Real Estate. It gives you many points on how to better your business. It also gives many points on how you can help your clients in their search for their dream home. The magazine also gives many view points of what other agents have experienced. In the October issue it has an article "Home Prices: Critical to Small Business", talks about how the prices of local homes make an impact on small business. The economic struggles are taking an impact on not only local home values, but everything such as small business too. There is graphs showing the home sales rate and it's comparing it to the business confidence. The magazine shows that the economy is making a very slow process to bring the economy back to where it was at before.

The magazine has an article, "16 ways to get kids on your side". Treat buyers and sellers children like the precious allies they are. I found this to be a very good article. The six main points are: 1.) Interview the family first. 2.) Point out kid-friendly features. 3.) Limit the number of houses the kids see. 4.) Get sellers kids on board. 5.) Beware of permanent hazards. 6.) Think about the pet factor. (All the points are on page 26-29 in October issue) Keeping those points in mind will really help you when you're working with a family. They will know that their family really means something to you and that they are not just anyone off the street, it'll be more personable.

The magazine keeps you on edge as an agent. Some articles bring out points that may not even matter when it comes to selling a home. Just like, can the homeowner sell their home without an agent? Sure they could but do they really know what all to consider when selling. Their price, their location, and how to market the home to get it sold. The economy plays such a big part in the whole transaction. The article, "Finding your path, If you can dream it,


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