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I Set Forth My Goals in Life

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When I was young my grandfather was telling me how hard high school was for him, and his goals were just to graduate with a diploma. That's when he first told me what a goal was. My goals are to graduate high school, go to college, and become a very successful lawyer, then Supreme Court justice. There are many attributes that contributes to my goals. Working hard to achieve my goals will help me make this big transition.

In High school, my goals are to become a honor roll student, company commander and a excellent individual. I also would like to make an A in English twelve this year. I am a senior, and while in high school, I plan not to debase on my grades so I can get into a four year university, not a community college. I remember, on the first day of my senior year my grandfather said "if I don't do my best in school, then I wouldn't he successful in life." I always benevolent in school, and everything I do.

My college goals are very important to me, because at first I was very ambiguous at attending college. In college I have to work hard, focus, and perform above excellent standards. I want to attend the University of Richmond, Morgan State, or the college of William & Mary. If accepted to any of the following, I will major in political science, and government. I also wish to double major, in pre-law. In college, I plan to curtail all my distractions to focus on my studies and grades. After graduating from college I am going to become the best juvenile defense attorney to the justice system has ever seen.

My career as a juvenile defense attorney doesn't stop there. Five years from being an attorney, I plan to become a politician, and be appointed to the Supreme Court. Being a supreme court require me to be a very candid person, and perform naturally. Conform myself at the standards of acceptance and honesty. Also to abhor all the failures and mistakes I may encounter in my life.

In conclusion


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