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Why Is It Important for Entrepreneurs to Articulate & Clarify Clear Goals, Set a Sound Strategy and Have a Plan That Is Executable?

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Why is it important for entrepreneurs to articulate & clarify clear goals, set a sound strategy and have a plan that is executable?

Entrepreneurs must address three important aspects before starting a new venture. They should have clearly defined goals, a sound strategy and should check the feasibility whether the plan is executable or not.

If entrepreneurs have clear goals they will be passionate about them, which greatly enhances their chances to succeed. The next action steps are always in lined with keeping the goal in mind. For example, the action steps might differ if someone wants to get into the restaurant business as compared to someone who wants to start his/her own clothing line. If the entrepreneur does not have a clear goal then he/she cannot formulate a successful business plan and strategy. While setting goals, entrepreneurs should set both long term and short term goals. For instance, short term goal of an entrepreneur might be to start a small restaurant specializing in serving a particular type of cuisine. The long term goal of the entrepreneur must help him/her to decide whether he/she wants to develop a chain of restaurants across locations specializing in serving the same type of cuisine or to transform the same restaurant into a multi-cuisine restaurant. The entrepreneur must also decide whether he/she wants to own the restaurant in the future or sell it at a handsome price earning larger profits and move on. The entrepreneur also needs to decide whether he/she plans to generate immediate higher revenues by setting the prices high during the initial stages or alternatively gain a loyal customer base first and then increase the prices to make profits. All these questions needs to be answered by the entrepreneur before starting a new venture which is not possible if the entrepreneur does not have clearly set goals. The entrepreneur also needs to make sure that these goals are clearly communicated and clarified to everyone involved in the business venture.

Entrepreneurs can also start a new venture by setting a goal which caters towards tackling a key problem faced by a certain community. This can be related to lack of affordable day care in the area, lack of cleaning services provided in the area or any issue faced by the people in the community. Coming up with innovative initiatives to address such issues would be considered noble and at the same time, viable business opportunities.

For restaurant business the entrepreneur needs to analyze what type of cuisine does he/she wants to be served in the restaurant. Based on the type of cuisine, the competition in the area needs to be identified to decide whether it is a good idea to open a restaurant serving a particular type of cuisine in the area. The entrepreneur also needs to analyze whether the population in the neighboring area will be favorable for this type of cuisine. These


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