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The Life of Pancho Villa

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The life of Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa was and still is a popular figure of among Mexicans. When his name is mentioned anywhere in the United States majority of the time people have heard of him. Born with the name Doroteo Arango he grew in Juan Del Rio Durango, Mexico where at age 16 he killed a man who raped his younger sister. Within a few years of his first kill he changed his name to Pancho Villa to evade arrest. Pancho Villa was known as a bandit, a revolutionist, and an advocate for the poor.

Pancho Villa lived a Robin Hood type of life. Starting off as a miner he grew tired of the labor and started to rebel. At first he started on his own to survive, then later he attracted more men to carry out bigger crimes. He led a band of banditos stealing cattle, robbing banks, murder, and stealing money from the wealthy. Pancho Villa was able to avoid arrest by always being on the move in the mountains of Mexico.

With so much success of being on the run Villa attracted the interest of revolutionist. He caught the attention of Francisco Madero, a revolutionist who opposed the views of Porfirio Diaz, dictator of Mexico. Teaming up with Madero's forces they were able to eventually drive out Diaz into exile. Following that battle he engaged in many more which shaped a lot of Mexico's history. Later after many battles he negotiated a retirement with new president Adolfo De La Heurta giving him a hacienda El Canutillo.

Villa became an advocate for the poor. He was popular and appreciated because he will give his earnings to the poor. He took it from the rich and gave it to the less fortunate. He would take land from people and share it amongst the peasants. Some of the fallen bandits that he led will also get some of the earnings that Villa acquires.

Many could argue that Villa was an outlaw, but at the same time he did some good things for a country and their countrymen. Amongst most


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