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Organic and Naturally-Positioned Products Are Becoming Real Money-Makers

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Organic and naturally-positioned products are becoming real money-makers

With the exception of some premium players, most manufacturers demonstrated a growing interest in organic and naturally-positioned cosmetics and toiletries in 2009, responding to demand for products without harmful ingredients. Naturally-positioned products were no longer purchased only by loyal consumers in health food specialist stores and chemists/pharmacies but also in grocery retailers in 2009.

Focus on Men

Manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods are increasingly providing specific products for men, encouraging them to join the consumer realm further. With companies such as Vitabitotics positioning a number of products specifically for men, such as Wellman, Wellman Tricologic and Wellman 50+, men now have a vast array of products available to choose from. Furthermore, male celebrities are increasingly being used to encourage men to purchase products, or to encourage the women in their lives to do so. David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo both featured in Emporio Armani advertising campaigns through 2009 and 2010, to attract more men to purchase the brand.

Affordable luxury competes with premium

Affordable luxury products or those in the masstige segment of the beauty and personal market, or are mass market products which appear premium through packaging or ingredients, are becoming increasingly popular. These products allow consumers to feel like they are buying into the premium segment without a high price, as such offerings usually cost from £8.00 to £30.00. This represents a growing area for manufacturers, and was boosted at the end of the review period by the recession, as consumers became reluctant to splurge on high-end products but continued to seek high quality.

Dual is Cool

Multi-functionality is fast becoming a trend across all fast-moving consumer goods industries, as products are offering additional value to its main purpose. Within the packaged food industry additional benefits to products are extremely common, such as Warburtons Healthy Inside Oats – a loaf of bread which actively lowers cholesterol. Furthermore, functional drinks continue to expand in functions and brands with the launch of the range of Neuro functional drinks in 2010. The range includes NeuroSonic, enhancing mental performance, NeuroTrim, acting as a weight-loss support, and NeuroSleep, which enhances sleep.

but time and ageing will always act in favour of cosmoceuticals

There were still some demographic changes in 2009 that impacted beauty and personal care, such as the ongoing ageing phenomenon, with a further increase in the proportion of French people over 45 years (the baby boomer generation born after 1945) and elderly people older than


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