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Rewrite Opportunity for the Liberalism Unit Exam

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I am writing to you today in concerns of a rewrite opportunity for the Liberalism unit exam. I feel that I did not perform as well as I could've, and would love a second chance if possible. If I am given the privilege of rewriting that particular exam, I will make sure to take all actions in order to surpass the current mark I have for that unit. Not studying/preparing enough was a clear indicator of why I did so poorly on the liberalism unit, and I feel that I can do better with more preparation. For example, before that exam I did not study enough on the practices of Milton Friedman, laissez faire, classical and modern liberalism. Another weak point would be my knowledge of the cold war, I did not study enough for it and to my surprise it was on the unit test. Like the ideological conflicts between democratic liberalism and communism. But after the test, I have reviewed the past content and will continue to do so in order to maintain a strong average in Social studies 30. If given the opportunity to rewrite the exam, I ensure you I will study and spend maximum effort to bring my mark up. Multiple choice has always been my weakest link, and I feel that I can do better than what I did. The reason as to why a position at Shopper's Drugmart intrigues me is simple – I enjoy working in an environment where I can fulfill multiple goals of mine to advance in experience at the same time. Some notable goals include getting a part-time job to help further improve my time management skills to that of an adult's, and to gain social-related skills. I believe your company can help me grow, being that these are the basis of any corporation, and as I gain experience, will benefit you even more.


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