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Mobility or Morbidity

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Mobility or Morbidity

Not everyone has the skill - and perhaps luck - to become socially mobile. Mobility can be defined as shift, movement, and change. It may be from place to place, or from a position to another. Adding the word "social" in front of mobility, it implies that people that occupy a social position shift to another position or status. It is a rare phenomenon in the world of today.

But when social mobility is mentioned in connection with the UK, things don't exactly look bright. Last years' annual report from the governments' social mobility commission, found that social mobility - already being a big problem - is getting worse, and as far out as it may sound, it could be intentional. The decision-makers are too slow in making decisions, and when it has no real influence on themselves, it may not be a hot topic to discuss in a rapid manner, and can easily be blamed on being a slow and difficult process.[1]

When being from the bottom in the UK, living in the gutter, it's a deep and dark hole to climb, and when the social and economic ladder is getting harder to climb for increasing and even middle-income groups, you'd be less likely to notice that some of the rungs are missing. Families that continuously sweat through their day, and solely work to live, can be described as "treadmill families," and the trend of this lifestyle is sadly becoming more "popular."

We live in a world where the fundamentals of our society were established due to inequality. The result being that the poor and weak are trapped in the pocket of the wealthiest few, a blanket - so to say - has been thrown over us, and nobody seems to know how to uncover it.

A sad but real way of putting it in perspective could be the example of how Roosters in a coop, watch each other get slaughtered one by one, but are unwilling or unable to rebel and escape the coop.

Similarly, the world’s poor people see one another crushed by the wealthy and powerful, defeated by the staggering inequality of society, but are unable to escape the same fate. In fact, the poverty-stricken actively apprehend each other from escaping; either heedlessly by cutting each other down, or even less purposely - but only just as powerfully, through a culture that makes them expects such abuse and enslavement.


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