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Personal Reflaction Essay

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The culmination of all my previous choices, triumphs, and tribulations could be evidenced on that “partly sunny” afternoon by the spirited banners of blue and gold and the ear tickling cacophony of air horns and shouting induced by the eventual announcing of my name. I was officially a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, yet even as such, I was not swept by the immediate sentiment of achievement that I hesitantly expected to take place with said rite of passage. After this day, many of my fellow graduates of the Communication department confidently pressed on their way to pursue careers involving marketing and PR, while I was left to desolately wonder, “would that be enough?” However, of one thing I have always been certain: a life dedicated to altruism constitutes the most noble of all causes, and it is precisely this maxim that has influenced virtually all major decisions in my life. Altruism, however, takes many faces. Thus, I entered college with an open mind, optimistic that that my skills and values would act innately as a compass toward self-discovery and in turn would shape my future. I would realize soon after walking across that grandiose stage, that my plan for the future had already been manifested through my interests and experiences at UCSB, all I needed to do was connect the dots.

My primary reason for choosing the Communication major was because it is applicable to so many fields. Unsure which career I would ultimately pursue, I chose a relevant theme that fit my area of interest – people. The idea of enhancing strong rapport between individuals or among groups of people to establish worthwhile connections, practice conflict resolution, and promote formative discussions appealed to my core passions. Since the major is comprised of many specializations, I was hopeful that I would discover my choice career path as I considered or dismissed each one. A course on marketing triggered my participation in Relay for Life’s marketing team, a decision that proved to be life changing.


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