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Personal Test Essay

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My name is Alexa Trevino, 4th grade student at Hoffman Elementary. The person

that I chose for my project is Julian Castro. Julian Castro is the former mayor of San

Antonio Texas. Julian Castro was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1974. He has one

brother, a mom and a dad.

Julian is now working for the United States Housing and Urban Development.

Julian Castro is important because he was the youngest Mayor of the top 50 cities in

the U.S. He was the first Hispanic to deliver the key note address at the democratic

national convention. Qualities that Julian possesses are trustworthiness, honesty, and a

hard worker. Those are good qualities because he gained trust from the citizens of San

Antonio at a young age.

During his childhood, Julian and his brother went to a lot of organizational

meetings because his mother was a political activist. This did contribute to who Julian

became. His mother is probably the biggest reason why he started public service. Julian

is famous for being the youngest city councilman in San Antonio history. Julian has

created S.A. 2020 to help with community goals. He also created Café College, to help

minority students in the San Antonio area.

Other people view Julian Castro as a kind and intelligent man. He worked really

hard to help San Antonio, and people like that about him. People really trusted him

especially when he was running for mayor several times. I chose Julian Castro

because he did a lot for Hispanics and many people around the city. I also choose him

because he worked hard to be mayor and to get his job in Washington DC. From doing


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