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Personal Desire Essay

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My desire to continue studying in higher education is a must for me. I want to reach my future goals. Knowledge is something that we have to seach. Therefore my desire to apply for University such as NTU for studying and exploring about economics or business.

I have reasons why i should apply for those disciplines. First, I do love about economics. Economics is one of my favorite subject in school besides mathematics. When Junior high school, I had this subject until first year in Senior High School. But in the second year, I didn't study this subject anymore, because my parents asked me to take Scince class. So that, I agree with my parents but in my mind I want to study about economics. Economics is very important for daily life.

Second, I do love business. I want to built a business from micro to macro. It have to be started from micro and finally We can reach the top of level in business. Since I was a child, my teacher asked me about my ambition, and i answered, I want to be a billionaire by creating my own business. In business, We have to create our strategy to have a good business. Relation is also the most important things, We will have good business if we have many relations to many peoples.

Besides all my reasons above, I also intend to be a leader in the future for my country, Indonesia. I want to develop this country, built it and help this country from poorness. Of course those are really difficult to be reached. So that, I must have knowledge. By continuing my study in higher education, I hope I can get all of them.


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