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Week 1 Paper - Personal Interest Essay

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My interest in a Bachelors degree in general studies with a concentration in general business all stems from the existing job and situation that I’m in now.  I planned on staying with the company I work for currently and making a career out of being a machinist with the assurance of moving up to selling government contracts. Unfortunately for me, that was a broken promise initially from myself not having the proper credentials and education of a bachelor’s degree. I now am pursuing the potential of a higher education in order to move up and take on additional responsibilities with my present job.

“The mind is like a muscle; exercise makes it stronger and more able to grasp ideas and do intellectual work.”(Harris, Robert. “On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education.” Virtual Salt, October 15, 2010) I completely agree with this quote taken from the Virtual Salt article we read in module 1. I can relate to this quote because I took off school for three years and I felt my cleverness starting to slip away. I never thought that taking off of school for three years would have such an impact of making me feel less significant in today’s world. I felt like I had a greater purpose in life than where I am currently at and that is the reasoning behind me enrolling into SNHU.

The skills and knowledge that I take from my SNHU degree will benefit me in these following ways. First, I will have the confidence to go out and apply for a job knowing that I have the correct credentials and confidence to do what I set my mind to. Secondly, I will be able to meet the minimum requirements to put my best foot forward in obtaining a position with a company that pays salary and not hourly. Thirdly, I will be able to wake up in the morning and realize that I’m finally content and proud of myself for taking the time and effort to better my life and those around me. There is only good that will come from my experience at SNHU and I can’t wait to utilize the tools and knowledge that I take from this program.


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