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Personal Experience Essay

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Four years ago, it was my first driving experience. It was the most horrible experience I ever had. I was going to crash into a car and a street light. I also forgot to pull the hand brake when I was parking!! Could you imagine how dumb I was!!

It all started when we went to Abha in Saudi Arabia. I’ve always insisted on my father to make me drive a car. I thought it was going to be easy, just press on the accelerator and on the brake while holding the steering wheel. Unfortunately, I realized that it wasn’t that easy too late.

Coming back from the mosque, my father took me to an open and free place where he parked.

“Why did you park here??”I asked.

“Didn’t you always want to drive??”He replied while getting out of the car. I felt so happy because it was the first time for me driving a real car. My father told me what should I do to start the engine, move the mirrors, and fix the seat. I wore the seatbelt and started moving.

After a while, I thought I was good at driving, and I regretted that. Trying to make a U-turn, I was going to crash into a car. When I tried to fix the car, I turned the steering wheel to the extreme which lead to being so close to crash into a street light. My father directly told me to stop the car. I stopped the car on the side, and instead of changing the gear to parking, I changed it into neutral and forgot to pull the handbrake then got out of the car. As you may know, due to the location of Abha, it is on a mountain which makes most of its roads steep. The road steepness made the car slide backward. Luckly, my father was still in the car, he directly pulled the handbrake which made the car drift for a while. After that incident I didn’t drive a car for three years.

Now, when I take my father’s car he tells me not to forget the handbreak.


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