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My Crush - a Personal Experience

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                            THREE YEARS SEEN

“It’s funny why people look for love. When in fact, they should just move around and enjoy life as it goes. Love comes unexpectedly. That’s why it’s called Falling in Love, you didn’t mean to, you just do!”

Hopeless romantics know that somewhere out there is a knight in shining armor ready to carry them off, or a beautiful princess waiting to be carried off into the sunset. They believe in true love, and the eternal bliss that comes from being united with one's soulmate that they fall in love is what they crave most.

But why falling in love is so often accompanied by butterflies in the stomach? Well, that’s the really fitting words that I’ve known ever since the day I admire him. They said that when you like someone, you will feel that there’s a million of butterflies flying inside your stomach. And sometimes, they’re flying in our heart like having no weight.

When I was a little, I’m so curious and interested to know how to fall in love with someone. How to know if you really like him/her and what it feels like to fall in love. But now, I know the answers of all that question on my mind before.

Its three years ago, I was on my 3rd year in High School. That day feels like it was just yesterday. It was September night when I was on the computer, bored out of my mind, so I decided to go on Facebook. I was minding my own business, browsing through my newsfeed, when I saw his profile. All of my friend on Facebook seemed to be adding him, so I decided to check out his profile. What shocked me the most was his profile picture. I wasn’t really paying attention to it since it is just a small square box next to someone’s name. Once I noticed it, though, let’s just say I was a little bit blown away. And until now in College, I still admire that guy. But the sad part of it is he doesn’t know me yet even my name like I’m not existing. Sending him a message with no reply from him is the very heart-breaking part of my story. The feeling with no appreciation from the person you admire most is the very bad ending.[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]


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