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Best and Worst Jobs

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Best and Worst Jobs

Jobs in a way are what make the world what it is. Some jobs are more

serious than others. But each and every one requires different skills, but they are all

important. Teenagers get jobs to become more mature and see what the real world

is like. I have only had two jobs in my lifetime I was a babysitter and a hostess at

Chili's. Both jobs taught me many things that I needed to know but I preferred

babysitting to being a hostess. With an exception of a few almost all of the people in

the United States will have a job of some kind in their lifetime. But before they

accept the job of their choice they should consider all the pros and cons to be sure

they will enjoy what they will be doing.

In my opinion being a babysitter is the ideal job for teenagers. I made more

than minimum wage. At times I could make as much as ten dollars an hour. Another

advantage is that for all the money I made over the summer I did not have to pay

taxes on it. I made almost two thousand dollars and put every cent of it in

savings. There are countless other advantages to being a babysitter. Since I babysat

over the summer I would take the children to my pool and let them swim for a few

hours. I was able to tan and swim with friends while working. Also since the

children I babysat were younger they took naps for almost two hours everyday. So I

would take them to swim so they would be extremely tired and take longer naps.

During their naps I was free to do what I wanted as long as I would check

on them every now and then. Some days during nap time I would watch a movie or

have a friend over and socialize. Also some days I would just go and take a nap with


Being a babysitter was an excellent experience for me. It prepared me for the

real world in many ways. First it taught me that life is not easy. Babysitting showed



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