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Job Stress Vs. Job Performance: An Independent Relationship

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Job Stress vs. Job Performance: An Independent Relationship

Melissa Susan Mancini

American Intercontinental University


Job stress and job performance are some of the challenges manager's deal within the framework of their company. Knowing what causes and influences both stress and performance in their employees will help to create a more balanced and stress-free environment. Part of understanding this is to determine if stress is counterproductive to performance in the workplace. Studies show evidence that work place stress does not influence job performance. The relevance of this study is to show what influences both job stress and job performance. By understanding what influences both factors and how they are not dependent upon each other is necessary to create a positive and productive work environment.

Job Stress vs. Job Performance: An Independent Relationship

Sekaran (2009) describes research design as either being: Exploratory, descriptive or hypothesis in nature. Exploratory study is done for new research, when data is minimal and / or not available for case study. This type of work requires extensive research and helps to open the doors to new, previously unexplored areas of problem solving.

Descriptive studies are used to profile people, places or organizations for specific purposes. "Generally, in a descriptive study, the emphasis is on estimation rather than testing" (Simon, 2002). It is not usually intended to help with cause and effect, but rather is statistically analysis of patterns and trends (Business Dictionary, 2010).

Hypothesis tests differ in that they "specific and makes a prediction" (Helms, 2006). Hypotheses are important in that they help us narrow the direction of the research, help to determine the need for it, clarify what will and will not be used for the study, and define what the study will help to understand (Helms, 2006).

For the purpose of this study, a hypothesis study based on a case study analysis will be what is used to show that job stress and job performance are not related to each other.

Contrived studies are conducted as lab experiments, where "cause-and-effect relationship(s)" (Sekaran, 2009) are studied in artificial settings. These studies are done to allow the researcher the maximum advantage to manipulate elements under observation. No contrived studies are done in the subject's natural environment with minimal interference on the researcher's part. While contrived studies allow the research more control over the experiment,


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