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The Cause of Job Dissatisfaction and Its Impact on Performance

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MDR - Multi Drug Resistance

TB - Tuberculosis

GHC - Global Health Committee


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1.1 Background of the study

A health system consists of all organizations, individuals and actions whose primary intent is to push, restore or maintain health. This includes efforts to influence determinants of health additionally as a lot of direct health-improving activities. (Wikipedia, 2019)

There are three-tier structures of the Ethiopian health system. The primary care level is established on the district level (or ‘Woreda’ level in Amharic) and includes a primary hospital, local health centers, and rural health posts. The secondary and tertiary levels are comprised of general and specialized hospitals, and the coverage of each extends to larger portions of the population. The management, coordination, and distribution of technical support in each level is the responsibility of the Woreda District Health offices and the Regional Health Bureaus, whereas policy and significant decision-making are in the hands of the Federal Ministry of Health. (Feysia, Herbst, WL, AS, 2012)

The tertiary level of health care system is wider regarding highly specialized equipment and expertise and St. Peters specialized hospital is one of them, the hospital has been known for their MDR and TB therapy health care, that began in 2009 by GHC (Global Health Committee) and known for their excellent preventive, curative and rehabilitative service to infectious disease by conducting operational and technical infection disease research and services.

Job satisfaction is the step to which employees have a positive sentimental orientation towards employment by an organization. Job satisfaction has been conceptualized both globally (general satisfaction with a job) and dimensionally (satisfaction with specific dimensions of a job such as remuneration, promotion, and relationships with colleagues). Job satisfaction, work environment, and psychological impact in health practitioners are beginning to receive attention worldwide.

Health service delivery is mainly affected by human resources because the health system cannot function without a sufficient number of skilled, motivated and supported health workers. The presence of highly qualified and motivated staff is a key aspect of health system performance. Job satisfaction of the health workers is highly important in building up employee motivation and efficiency as it determines better employee performance and a higher level of patient’s satisfaction. Conversely, job dissatisfaction would result in burn out, stress, absenteeism and staff turnover which could exacerbate understaffing of health facilities.


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