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Personal Narative - Job

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Eli Smith

English 101

Personal Narative

One summer back when I would have been about fifteen or sixteen years old, my

father got a job from a man named Owen Osterling. Owen is a sucessfull buisnessman

who owns many construction services, retail nd various shops. My father was contacted

by him to answer some questions he had about having a very largelodge built in the very

thick, isolated part of the Pennsylvania Forest in Brookville. when my father said that he

was going to look at this job, I asked if I could come with him. Of course, my dad being

who he is, said that I could gladly come with him. It was about a two hour drive to get to

the job site. The road that led up to the first gate was long, unpaved one. Along the way

we passed many small, house like cabins that from the look of them were uninhabited for

some time. When we arrived at the first gate we had to stop and unlock it. The gate was

an enormous yellow one that had a large weight at one end. I made the three foot leap to

get out of the truck (my dads truck is a monsterous piece of machinery), with the key in

hand. The gate was heavy, and to open it took some skill. The latch that held it in its

place was stiff from the weather. I opened the gate and made the leap back into the truck.

The driveway was almos two miles long, winding through the woods, trees that looked

like they touched the sky, boulders that looked to be pre-historic, and birds who's bright

colors stood out like a sore thumb. We proceded to pass another smaller, yellow gate,

around more curves and down a treacherous hill until we arrived at the location. Upon

arrival, the first thing you see is a gigantic bus, modified for sleeping arrangements of

the other workers. When we got out of the truck, the first person to greet us was Owens

older brother Tim. Tim was friendly and smelled like woodchips and gasoline from the

chainsaw that he was running.


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