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Job Fair Report

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We went to the job fair of Four Season Hotel this weekend, I saw the general manager(maybe) was standing at the door with his smile when we didn't came in, he said hello in Chinese to us, which made me feel comfortable. We took the application form from the front the desk and found a place to fill it. There are different kinds of people inside, I looked around and found that most of them looked so professional. They dressed obviously, their resume are all full of different kinds of information, and ours are too simple, what was worse, we didn't even bring our photo. I felt kind of shame, maybe most of us thought it was just a game so we didn't take it too seriously. We spent about half of hour to fill the application form because we didn't know how to fill it. We don't have the working experience so we didn't fill that item. But I saw most of people who came to the job fair seems all have working experience, their item of working experience are all full of information. We hand in our application form and we are informed that to go to another room to wait. The staff gave everyone a bottle of water when we came in, there are also some candies there for you to eat, which was very intimate. We all got a number, when your number appears on the screen, you should go to a room to have a interview. I got number 203, and my classmates' number are all behind mine, that means we don't have time to wait for the interview cause we need to leave at 11 o'clock. So we left without interview. But anyway, I learned many things form this job fair. Attitude is everything, we should take every little thing seriously for they may help you success. I won't let the same thing happen again. Never, ever!


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