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Bright Line Spectra Lab Report

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Purpose: To observe the bright line spectra for various gases and then identify an unknown gas.


1. Do not touch the spectrum tubes while the transformer box is on to prevent severe shocks and burns.

2. There are six stations each with a different element. Turn all of the bright line spectrum tubes on.

3. For best results, begin with easier elements such as hydrogen or mercury because neon is more difficult and has many wavelengths.

4. Use spectroscope to view each element at its corresponding station by looking through the slit in the spectroscope and aligning the wavelengths.

5. For each spectrum tube, record each of the findings on the diagrams provided.

6. After the six stations, repeat the same procedure for the overhead lights in the hallway.

Observations and Data: see attached.

Calculations: none.


1. The name of the instrument used to separate colors of light and analyze their wavelengths is called a spectroscope.

2. The three characteristics of light that we observed in this lab are speed (c), frequency (v), and wavelength (λ).

3. Two reasons why you shouldn't touch the gas spectrum tube are that you could get severly electrocuted or burned.

4. Yes, you could still have completed the lab without colored pencils by writing the name of the color at each wavelength.

5. If you were color blind, you could probably still complete this


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