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Reflexes Lab Report

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The purpose of this lab was to demonstrate the body’s reaction to stimulation and actions with cause and effect on the nervous system. When the body is stimulated by the environment around it, it reacts in a way to protect itself. When a bright light is shined in the eyes the pupils constrict to avoid damage to the eye. When we subject our bodies to an imbalance our nervous system sends signals to correct the imbalance, like placing ours arms out or grabbing a wall to prevent us from falling. When our finger is pricked the neurons send information of the pain to the brain which in turn sends information to our hand to withdraw. When our sense of smell is altered it affects our sense of taste.


If our body is stimulated by an outside source then the nervous system will respond to correct the disturbance, and if our senses are altered then the nervous system respond by heightening our other senses.


Exercise 1 (Stretch Reflexes):

1. Have subject sit on table with legs dangling.

2. Use the flat side of the reflex hammer and tap the patellar ligament (located below the kneecap)

3. Test both knees

4. Test the reflexes using distraction; have subject add a series of 3 digit numbers in their head while tapping the patellar ligament

5. Test the reflexes after strenuous activity; have subject exercise strenuously (running, jumping) test patellar reflex

6. Test the Achilles reflex by holding their foot in a hand. Have the subject dorsiflex their foot slightly, then sharply tap the calcaneal (Achilles) tendon (above the heel) with the flat edge of the reflex hammer.

7. Record results

Exercise 2 (Crossed Extensor Reflex)

1. Blind fold subject and have them extend the arms with palm turned up

2. Prick the index finger of one hand and observe the other

3. Record results

Exercise 3 (Cranial Nerve Reflexes)

1. Stand to the side of subject, have them look to the opposite side gently touch cornea with cotton swab

2. Use a tongue depressor to touch the back of subjects to either side of the tongue

3. Record results

Exercise 4 (Cow eye dissection)

1. Retrieve a dissection tray, dissection kit, preserved cow eye, a pair of disposable gloves, goggles and a face mask.

2. Examine


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