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Comment from the Article - Emotional Intelligent and Job Satisfaction

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Comment from the article:

From the article "Emotional Intelligent and Job Satisfaction" we can relate it with the motivation among of workers. The motivation is influence the way of work. Here we see that the important of motivation for every worker to organization to build up. Besides, the factor that influences style work of employee is environment of the employment. This both things are which motivation is and environment is playing an important role.

Therefore, base on article examining the influence of emotional intelligence on factors such as organizational politics, work attitudes, formal and informal behaviour, feelings of justice, and burnout. Intelligence of the employee will become excellent when they have a high motivation. So, they can manage their work wisely. For example, when an employee have a high motivation he or she will do duty with discipline and also always punctual.

A good quality of the organization will achieve when the employee is motivated. However, it will not achieve if the environment of employment not comfortable. So, organization needs to have supportive policies like sabbaticals and flexible working hours. For example, employment security is important, both from a wellbeing viewpoint as well as for practical reasons such as obtaining credit and loans. If employees are not looking over their shoulders, and we have created the right environment, 'permanent' employees should have their focus on doing their job, rather than 'having a job'.

There are many facets to employee retention. It is much more than having appropriate organisational policies. It involves successfully implementing good policies and creating a positive work culture and climate. It requires positive action by team leaders and managers.


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