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Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Quotient

Two forms of intelligence characterize human being rational intelligence as measured by the intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence measured by the emotional quotient (EQ).

It was long believed that the first was the best predictor of career success. Proper handling of abstraction, a logical reasoning ability appeared alone, according to the tests developed by Alfred Binet, predispose them to success. This notion of being less unanimously Salovey and Mayer popularized in the 90s the concept of emotional intelligence.

A form of intelligence that involves the ability to control his feelings and emotions, those of others, and to distinguish between them in order to use this information to guide their thoughts and actions. It would be of benefit in a good combination of rational and emotional an individual fined the conditions of its development.

How to quantify this proportion?

Some researchers now suggest figures of around 25% for the IQ and 75% for the QE. Our intelligence is a hybrid, it gives us a greater ability to adapt, better emotional economy and greater energy output.

Similar to wind power, photovoltaic or produced by a fuel cell, cheaper to run and not subject to exhaustion, emotional intelligence provides capacity development important. To enable us to deal with the entire energy situation, we must constantly be able to feed our engine.

Recent research shows the highest yield of emotional intelligence. Interpersonal relationships are at the heart of our lives. These are their qualities that most often determine our place in society. How many cattle competition we known, unable to convert their skills success story? The equation of happiness to be discovered but the variables are clearly identified.

The meaning and importance of emotions

"I see the world through the filter of my emotions, regardless of their strength. The filter is still there, the world too (Esther Rochon)(Goleman, 1990)

“The emotion we digress: this is its main merit" (Oscar Wilde) (Goleman, 1990)

Among the emotions, shyness, emotionality, sensitivity. - The arousal is more embarrassing, because it leads to attitudes, actions disproportionate:

A person feels hyperemotional with great intensity every change of situation. For example: Least excitement causing her emotional reactions


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