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How Might Action Learning Be Used to Develop the Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capacity of Public Administrators?

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Between women, more so women of color there is an importance of friendships. The friendships, especially those developed in college further assist in the personal growth and development in the young female adults. Such relationships assist in resistance to negative connotations and stereotypes, and acquiring intelligence and more complex thinking about the racial and ethnic identities (Alemán, 2010). The dialogue and support between women in similar situations allows for self-discovery, reflection, and overall awareness.

The development of self-awareness is vital to exceptionally thrive in a diverse world (Kramer, 2007). Knowledge of thyself allows one to have the emotional intelligence required to understand and be more receptive to others and their potential differences. Emotional intelligence is optimal when one is in tune with themselves and how they react to certain events. A full understanding of different emotions expressed by others also gives them the wherewithal to respond to others appropriately, even in the event they make lack the understanding of your background and elements of your personality, if any, that may be relative to it.

In order, to further develop an inclusive organization that understands the different social circumstances faced by others, especially those of color in organizations that are predominantly white, will require sharing of expectations and reflection of all (Pless & Maak, 2004). This will better assist others in understanding the separate roles that ethnic individuals have to play when in professional settings. Understanding and further interactions allows for fewer assumptions under the similar to me context, and more experience and accuracy to base their opinions.

How Might Action Learning Be Used to Develop the Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capacity of Public Administrators?

• Emotional intelligence (as discussed in this article) gives one the ability reflect on both their mindset and culture in an effort to learn and unlearn what is necessary for their leader situation.

• As a leader it is necessary to remain aware of what is going on with others and solution-oriented, but still being in tune with one’s self.

The Illumination of Consciousness: Approaches to Self-Awareness in the Indian and Western Traditions

• It is easy to make judgments if it’s not familiar: the use of simulation kits to develop self-awareness and reduce ageism

• Rather than reading about the issue, individuals better empathize with older adults from their own experiential activities.

Building an Inclusive Diversity Culture: Principles, Processes and Practice

• Inclusiveness of all members in the organization can


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