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Psy 320 - Job Redesign Essay

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Redesign and Workplace Assessment

PSY 320 / Human Motivation

September 14, 2011

Cindy Brooks

Leslie Kille

Paraprofessionals have an influence at every involvement they find themselves in. Many in this vocation depend on their school districts, teachers and parents to convey to them the required relevant information needed in order to comprehend what is obligatory of them, as a teaching specialist. The preparation involved in becoming a paraprofessional is as rigorous as a licensed teacher these days. In order for a paraprofessional to do their work successfully, he or she has to have at the minimum two years of college education to be considered mentally equipped to do the job. This preparation lies with the single rather than the school district. Being specialists in general education, paraprofessionals must be able to deliver without advanced notice and little fore planning, the optimum of education for their students.

Job Requirements

One has to note that along with paraprofessionals having a minimum of 15 semester hours of college credit with some emphasis on child growth and development or related subject areas; they also must demonstrate proficiency in a specialized skill area as determined by the local school district; and has experience working with students or parents as approved by the employing superintendent. ( He or she also must complete certification via the district and TEA by completing a the Paraprofessional Academies offered during the summer months. During the Academy most paraprofessionals will choose and area of specialization either with Early Childhood, Kinder thru Eighth grade generalists or Special Education. Upon choosing the paraprofessional will be able to compose lesson plans, evaluates learning milestones, be able to, understand the needs of parents and children whom the come into contact with and collaborate with the teaching staff on duty at the school at whatever grade level. This permits the paraprofessional to accomplish the educational goals required by the school district and the Texas Education Agency. Also the paraprofessional is able to impart the gift of learning to his or her students which in of itself or can be defined as a calling, aiding students and teachers through learning development in addition to making a definite that agreement that occurs within the school district itself. The individual is held in control for the resources of the establishment and to do every characteristic of the job with competence. This is not a relaxed duty because of having to make certain that all records are picture-perfect


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