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Swot Analysis for Genting

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The global financial crisis and escalating inflationary pressures impacted many large multinationals. The Group's strategic initiatives including cost control measures and cautious approach ensured that our underlying businesses remained strong despite the rising costs and falling global demand

SWOT analysis for Genting Berhad

Strengths/Weaknesses (SWOT)


to achieving the objective Harmful

to achieving the objective

Internal Origin

(attributes of the organization) Strengths

• Strong liquidity position

• Strong financial performance

• Diversified business operations


• Limited investor confidence

• Weak performance in the plantations

• Limited Geographic Presence

External Origin

(attributes of the environment) Opportunities

• Strategic acquisitions

• Resort World at Sentosa (RWS)

• Improvement in Malaysian tourism sector


• Legislative changes in gaming sector

• Economic condition in UK

• Growing competition


Genting Berhad (Genting) is a Malaysia-based investment holding and management company. Its diverse business portfolio and its strong liquidity position place it at an edge over its peers. Genting's weak operational performance and declining returns could be of concern. The company's growth could be restricted by factors such as competition and economic situation in UK. However, the company could stand to gain from RWS, its resort project in Sentosa (Singapore).


Strong liquidity position

The company's current ratio was 4.82 at the end of fiscal year 2009. This was above the S&P 500 companies average* of 1.46. A higher than S&P 500 companies average* current ratio indicates that the company is in a strong financial position and is more capable of meeting its short term obligations than other companies in the S&P 500 index. This may be attributed as the company's operating income increased from MYR 1929.90 in fiscal 2008 to MYR 2769.40 million in


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