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Swot Analysis Under Armour

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Internal Strengths

• Innovative

• Diverse/expanding product portfolio

• Financially stable

• Visibility in market

• Committed leadership

• Credibility for performance


• Supply chain: dependence on 3rd parties

• Lack of global presence

• Financial strength

• Dependent on athletic endorsements

• Lack of diversity within leadership

External Opportunities

• Global expansion

• Technology: wearable & mobile fitness

• Expansion into new product categories: women, youth, footwear, performance fashion Threats

• Material price fluctuations/supply shortages

• Competition: Nike, Adidas

• Lack of IP

Table 1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats (SWOT) of Under Armour.

Since its inception, Under Amour has strived to accomplish their goal of being the world leading in performance apparel. However, with strong competition from Nike, Adidas, and others, the question of whether or not Under Armour can sustain the competitive advantage that has made them so successful remains. If Under Armour can capitalize on their opportunities while improving their weaknesses and managing/neutralizing threats, they should be able to sustain their competitive advantage. Under Armour will need to continue to expand into women’s and youth performance apparel, as well as refine their footwear category. They will need to find the right balance between fashion and performance—creating a fashionable product without damaging their reputation for creating true performance apparel . With the increasing popularity of wearable devices, mobile fitness, and nutrition-related applications, Under Armour will need to expand its


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