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Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis

 A SWOT analysis will show how Glam & Go organize the strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats that the business may encounter. The analysis will help recognize the internal and external views of the make-up industry.


Stable and strong foundation

Loyal customers

High-end advertising

Constant research


Dependent on third party retailers

Women afraid of change

Low profit margin


Growing market

Expansion of new products

Continue assessment of the market needs


Competition and price wars

Foreign competition

Marketing and promotional failure


Strengths can be internal areas of the industry that have an advantage over the competition. A major strength is a stable and strong foundation with the international brand and top cosmetology company. Having loyal customers and a strong brand image will strength the product wealth and growth. High–end advertising and constant research and innovation will help build the new make-up line.


Weakness is the disadvantage that our product will have on the competition. The company will be dependent on third-party retailers to sell the products line. There is also the possibility that women will not buy our products because they are afraid of changing to a new product. The profit margin is a weakness if the sales are small because of a decrease in sales of the new product line.


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