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Section B
Factors that affect employee turnover in Aviation industry of UK

Part 1


  1. Reason for choice of topic

        In today’s competitive business environment aviation industry around the globe has been consistently developing and it has helped several countries to enhance their economic position at a wider level. The airline sector of UK have been facing increased level of competition from several other countries as with rise in global population the demand in the industry is also growing massively. Aviation industry plays an important role in UK economy as it facilitates in enhancing the worldwide economic growth and has a significant role in managing entire industry. This industry is a leading sector that has assisted a lot in growing the upcoming future trend; UK economy has also attained range of benefits from this sector as it helps in to expand the business at a considerable level.

        It has been observed that GDP level of UK economy has also grown with the profitability being attained from this sector and due to the number of airline companies grow consistently in the nation. Service sector play a prominent role in UK economy as it assists in to serve at a wider network. The aviation industry also provides numerous employment opportunities in the country and recently the sector have been facing increased number of challenges due to shortage of workforce and increased rate of employee turnover. The airline industry is also facing challenges in terms of filling a vacant position as the overall cost included is quite high and it also brings a negative image in the business. However, the airline industry of UK is facing several issues like employee dissatisfaction, increased workforce turnover, issues in service delivery and lowered employees morale. All these factors together have an impact on organizational brand image and business owners need to pay attention on managing several attributes of this sector.

        Here, in the present study this topic have been chosen for research as there are numerous previous studies being carried out on the topic but maximum of authors have given emphasis on the effect of employee turnover but not on the specific factors which are specifically responsible in increasing the turnover in airline industry. With this there is certain disorganization in attaining suitable results and the study reflects that certain wider implications are required to manage business topic. In UK economy airline sector play an important role and due to the issue of increased employee turnover it has become evident that there are numerous factors which need to be reviewed so that this critical issue in the industry can be managed.

1.2 Academic Objectives

        The academic motive of this research is to review and analyze the relation between employee turnover and the way work need to be managed in the operations and work unit in the airline sector of UK. In this context the specific objective of study are as stated below;

  • To analyze the factors which are responsible to manage issues in the operations unit of airline sector.
  • To assess the challenges involved in operations unit in airline sector of UK.
  • To recommend adequate strategies so that issues of airline sector can be managed.

1.3 Outline of section B

        The structure of section B is as represented below;

        Part 1 Introduction: This section represents about the background of study and reason for selection of topic, motive of the study and it reflects about the main aim and objective of research.


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