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Marks and Spencer Swot Analysis

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6. SWOT Analysis

6.1 Strengths

Marks and Spencer is different from most retailers in the sense that it has a wide range of products from consumer food products to interior home wears to clothing. This can be viewed as a positive strength as it has a lure effect, attracting a shopper to enter the store in search of one product but once inside will feel the need to purchase other products that fall into the M&S product line. This could manifest itself when entering the store for food, and suddenly realizing that your child requires an item of clothing, or seeing a piece of furniture that you didn't intend on searching for.

6.2 Weaknesses

A weakness in the Marks and Spencer approach to selling its products is the possible confusion that could arise when trying to sell upmarket food products, while at the same time trying to market its clothing at a middle to lower class market. This lack of cohesion when it comes to product lines may cause a tarnishing of the brand image that could result in a loss of sales and ultimately a failure of the venture. Also this marketing strategy focusing on the upper middle class required this segment of the population to grow and economic situations may prevent this from happening, and a slow down in sales would follow.

6.3 Opportunities

The opportunities that any international venture provides to a company are increased brand awareness, market penetration and of course there is the financial advantages that come with the increase in sales and market share. This international venture into Mexico in particular would represent a great opportunity for Marks and Spencer, as it would provide a platform from which to expand into other territories in Central and Latin America. The opportunities of course are also within the market its self where M&S could potentially


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