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Marks & Spencer Swot Analysis

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Marks & Spencer SWOT Analysis


 High Quality Products.

This is the key strength that makes the company successful. Marks & Spencer is capable of delivering high quality products for food as well as cloth. Its suppliers are required to produce a product that meets a range of quality, safety, environmental, and social standards.

 Customer Services

Marks & Spencer is customer oriented. The company provides superior customer service to customers and always be there if somebody needs help and assistance. This makes Marks & Spencer be able to maintain a good relationship with the customers, and this is critical if the company wants its customers to be loyal to the company.

 Shopping Environment

Marks & Spencer provides customers with a great of shopping experience. By designing a modern concept store, fancy interior, and cleanliness, the company offers the customers with coziness, comfort, and pleasantness when shopping in stores.

 Commits to Innovations

Marks & Spencer focuses on developing innovative products; it is reflected by the fact that 80 percent of its general merchandise products and 30 percent of its food products will be new every season.

 Environmentally-Concerned

Marks & Spencer concerns about the environment problem. The company has developed many strategy and system of its business to address the environmental problem. Marks & Spencer is able to save many dollars, improve efficiency, improve quality, and reduce any waste.


 Outdated Fashion & Lack of Newness

The pace of changing the clothes is slow compared with other competitors such as H&M, Debenhams, and TK MAX. Most of its design is outdated especially for ladies segment.

 Slow Sales

Based on the company’s income statement


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