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Marketing Management

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College of Agriculture

Department of Agribusiness Management

The Market Research on

Agrivet Supplies Marketing in Valencia City, Bukidnon

In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements in Marketing Management ( Am55)

Submitted to:

Mrs. Hazel  E.  Soliven, MAM


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Table of Contents

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AGRIVETS is a hands-on educational initiative designed to acquaint veterinary and animal science students with primary husbandry and veterinary care of farm animals in the context of sustainable agricultural operations both within, and outside of, the U.S.  Over the past 60 years corporate farms have sought to achieve the greatest production efficiency possible to capture the lowest possible costs through economies of scale.  While this business model has offered retail price advantages, it has unfortunately externalized other costs that must be borne by the public and by the animals under production.  These costs must be weighed against reputed benefits to assess the actual long term economic viability of industrial agriculture.

  1. Background of the study

The market study on Agrivet Stores was conducted to determine the market opportunities and recommend strategies that will help improve the firm’s competitive advantage against competitors. The study was limited in the potential and expected buyers of agrivet products at Valencia City Bukidnon.

The researcher conducted an actual survey of the five agrivet stores using survey questionnaires in the locality of Valencia City. The research covered time aspects or factors that must be considered in marketing agrivet products. Such as the profile of buyers, their buying practices and preferences post purchase feedbacks, the potential or target buyers and their buying practices and preferences. Recommendations will be given at the end of the study as an assessment on the market analysis of agrivet stores in Valencia City.

  1. Importance of the Study

The significance of the market study is to be able to apply healthy decision making in marketing agrivet products and the key factors to consider in and suggest solutions in the rapid competitors among Agrivet stores and the marketing strategies that will be applied based on the demand of the existing and potential customers.

  1. Statement of the problem

In conducting the market study the researcher consider the following problems that will be solved at the end of the study. The problems to consider was based on the customer factor, competitors, technologies, and niches. The following problems below were considered.


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