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Leadership Is a Combination of Skill Sets

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Leadership is something I feel takes a combination of skill sets, to be a good leader you have to set goal as and motivate you people to grow at the same time. I work in and accounting department and there is a software conversion going on. Instead of creating a sense of leadership for their staff our bosses are doing the delegate and figure it out for yourself theme.

I believe in this type of scenario it would be best to use a combination skill set, in a sense a leader must be task oriented. The bills and books must be paid and balanced by the 30th of every month so there has to be a list of tasks met to reach the final goal. These tasks are necessary in ways that keep you team focused in the time of uncertainty, if you can remain calm and complete one thing at a time you’re less likely to worry about the whole picture. I believe this is Levells motivation behind being more task oriented.

Though all your staff is doing multiple tasks for one common purpose you have to make them feel as if they are contributing a large part while pushing them to do better. I believe there are people that excel at certain things and others that do not. As a good leader it is you responsibility to have your staff reach for something. The more your staff tries to strive and make their work better the easier you job becomes.

Though every team needs a leader there should always be one thing kept in mind, never treat people like you and only you can do it all. There is truth to the saying “there is no I in team”, a good leader shows they car and are there to help. We all have a list of negative traits that’s why it is most important to reflect and encourage the good in others.

Though someone is named team captain or head cheerleader they still need the team to reach the goal or create the pyramid. A leader is part of the whole to motivate, transition set tasks and transform.


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