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Leadership Skills Development

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Leadership Skills Development

Professor xxx


To: National Purchasing, Marketing, and Design managers

From: Alison Sampson, C.A., M.B.A.

Date: April 1, 2000


My name is Alison Sampson from the Cabletronica U.S. It is a privilege to introduce myself as the new Director of Cushy Armchair. I believe that my experience in Cabletronica U.S. will help Cushy Armchair and all of you in this company have a very bright future. In order to let Cushy Armchair become a niche market player and stay in this competitive market, we should not sit on our old milestone but make needed changes. Specifically, we should work on production, design (fabric & Style), sales and distribution (advertising), and procurement. In order to meet those goals for further improvements, we will strengthen the company in three ways:

1. Our WorldFurniture’s procurement division in New York will be responsible for contractting all chair glide-mechanisms, as well as fabric orders more than HK$35,000. This will help us reduce the cost of raw materials and let our company get the highest quality materials at favorable prices.

2. New York advertising specialists group will work with our marketing division to launch new advertising campaigns. I believe that in this way we can work well on our projects by sharing amazing ideas and giving opinions to shorten the time of transforming from products design to the products manufacturing efficiently and improve the product efficiency and the speed of product coming into the market.

3. New York staffs will notice the substantial designs and feature changes in order to keep abreast of the latest development in this filed.

I can't come close to achieve these ambitious goals without you. Even though I haven’t yet had a chance to meet all of you, I will contact you over the next few days to discuss the impact of these policy changes and the changes coming ahead. Please consider my email an opening line of communication to let us know what we're doing right and what we could do better to make Cushy Armchair a more productive company. Feel free to send me an email to let me know how I can personally help you to achieve success in your career.

I look forward to meeting each of you at the upcoming meetings and events. In addition, all the important announcements would be translated into your home countries' languages


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