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Effective Methods of Developing Academic Skills

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According to wisegeek website (2011), “Academic skills are the skills necessary to do well in an educational setting. They include reading, writing, math, research and study skills. Academic skills are necessary for being successful in school, and in many cases, in a professional career” and also according to litmus recruitment website (2010), “Sometimes it becomes difficult for students to cope up with the academic pressure. As a result of which they loss their interest and fails to perform well in schools or colleges. They find it quite challenging to face the tough competition from their fellow mates. It is important to develop the basic academic skills of the students at the early age to get the desired outcome. The basic academic skills comprises of reading, speaking and writing. If these three elements are practiced well it will become easy to gain success every other field too. With the development of technology now computer has come under the academic skills. The right knowledge about different aspects of computer adds a new dimension for career development. Therefore in order to achieve these skills hard work, dedication and disciplined lifestyle is essential.

Communication is also one of the important skills under academic skills because communication helps to function an organization specially when building relationships with clients, customers and the media and it is a process in which people create and send messages that are received, interpreted and responded to by other people. (Galanes and Adams, 1967). For example if you are a manager, your day consist of many meetings, casual conversations, speaking engagements, phone calls and other occasional periods set aside for reading and writing etc. Therefore from these sources you will have to pass on important information to the right person, so in order to do all that you need to be a person with perfect communication skills and if you are not good in your communication skills you need to


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