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Holistic Approach for Leadership Development

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BJ is a fitness trainer and has a great knowledge of proper nutrition. The material he presented in the workshop was very eye opening for me. In the class we were provided with very good handout material with some very interesting cases. We looked at some of the real product labels that we see on the shelves of our local grocery stores and use on daily basis feeding our families. Some of the ingredients were true shockers to me, like aspartame; it had FDA list of sixty one side effects from aspartame, that included such severe side effects as seizures/ convulsions, brain cancer and even death. The main focus of the workshop in my opinion was that it prompted us to pay attention to what we purchase and understand the ingredients on labels. Also huge emphasize was made on the difference between dieting and meal planning; Don’t Diet But Plan Your Meals, said one of the slides that stood out in my memory.

Practical Application

We all can agree that nutrition is just as, if not more important component of personal well being than fitness. Impact of nutrition on our physical being as well as mental state is tremendous. Chemical processes triggered by the foods that we consume are fascinating. In the beginning of the workshop BJ gave us all a Wellness Quiz and it was very eye opening to find out how little of formal knowledge I had about proper nutrition. My understanding of proper nutrition was more on subconscious level then formally trained. At the workshop I learned how to read a label on the box, how to measure sufficient amount of meat per intake, as well as difference in terms like fat-free, low-fat, reduced-fat, etc. Knowing how to decipher the codes of ingredients on labels can help us make better decisions in providing good care for our bodies, which in return will provide us with a strong mind that can help


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