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Leadership Development -- Harmony

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Leadership Development -- Harmony

People strong in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don’t enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement.

I do believe that we should respect each person’s point of view because every opinion is valuable. I do not like conflict at any time; working in a harmonious environment is my priority. Sometimes, there are individuals who cannot stop worrying about the judgment when they express their ideas. My job is to ease their worries and make sure that everyone has the equal opportunity to express their ideas in the environment of trust and respect. I believe that every tiny voice should be heard and respected. Because I know that the best decision can be made only when every team member expressed the opinions.

When I was in the team meeting in my previous university, I always asked everyone’s idea. Since members in my team all had their distinct background and could raise up various points of view. So debate in my team was inevitable. However I needed to stop the debate, which was not an easy job.

I have some experience in dealing with this tough situation. First, listen carefully about what other members want to declare. Make sure that all members have fully expressed their ideas. Second, find out what are the common points in their ideas. Try to reach a consensus with each member. Third, remind members that only when all members bring a variety of ideas with respect, the abilities of the team can be fully showed. In this way, the team can stay intact no matter what issue we have. And no one will be hurt by the thoughtless words spoken in passion.


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