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How to Develop Our Leadership When Working in Multinational Organizations

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How to Develop Our Leadership When Working in Multinational Organizations

Support: Using the GLOBE STUDY as well as participant analysis in Part 1

Part 1

Compare leading in these Contexts: a) Our way here in China, b) our way in another country, c) our way with Chinese staff, d) our way with staff of other nationalities

1) What qualities and behaviors make me / us successful?

Trust each other and rely on team work to achieve the target are basic rule in our daily operation. We encourage our staff to setup their annual target with their manager together to ensure they already fully understand the targets and can achieve those targets through their hard working. As manger we will avoid to review the performance at the end of year only, instead, if we found staff’s performance to be improved, we will communicate with them immediately, let them know the gap between their performance and manager’s expectation and help them to find the solution to solve the problem or support them to create a development plan to verify the variance and update the status regularly. For different country we should take care about different country’s culture and legal requirement first, however, above behaviors still can be applied in different countries and other nationalities.

2) How do we lead /manage Chinese staff in our company? What causes us to be seen as a leader in our organization?

In our company, the manager would like to communicate with staff before make final decision. Our manager encourage us to communicate with staff in time if we find their performance can not match management team’s expectation instead of just give them negative feedback at year end performance review. For example, in our team we encourage team member can work independently as project manager, everybody should have ability to lead project implementation and communicate with different stakeholders and manage their expectation carefully. However, as a leader in our organization, they would like to focus on detail parts and indicate they know everything about operation, it caused staff lack of enough space to make decision by themselves.

3) How do we lead/ manage non-Chinese staff in our company?

What causes us to be seen by a leader by HQ in the HQ country?

Not applicable.

4) How am I managed / how do I manage my boss of another nationality here in China? How do I lead in another country with another nationality? Be specific about the country /company? At distance/virtually or co-located

To understand and trust each other are key factors for me to manage my boss of another nationality here in China. Normal they come from Philippines or Singapore, they are not very familiar with local legal requirement, culture and soft skill in China. As staff I tried my best to understand their requirement accurately and double check with them frequently to ensure both of us always in same page. Since our manager would like to get detail information, before I put forward our solution to them, I will collect data and analysis information carefully to support my conclusion. In order to let my manager can get point immediately, I would like to show highlighted items first and then show detail parts if they are interesting about those ones.


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