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Leadership and Organization

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The Compliance Department of a multinational Company was responsible for staying versed on the changes in compliance with law as well as checking up on various departments to ensure compliance was in fact taking place. Finally, the compliance department was responsible for presenting the report to the Board of Directors on behalf of compliance and other departments within the Company.

The department comprised of:

a. Three undergraduates Alex, Betty, Camelia

b. Monica. Monica had a Masters degree and was a certified professional who was in charge of overseeing the compliance activities of the company (this certification is required by Law to undertake the activities charged to the compliance department).

c. Julie headed the Department.

In Julie’s absence Monica reported to the Chairman.

The department was supposed to be structured:

However, this department was subject to what seems like a Human Resources blunder. Betty knew the Chairman and worked in the department that reported to him. Due to the fact that she knew the Chairman, Betty refused to report to anyone expect for the head of the department. This caused Julie to have to spend more time in delegation and reviewing each person’s work, because instead of delegating work to one person, now she had to delegate to four people. The resulting organization chart looked like this:

It was not unusual for Betty to go directly to the Chairman and present reports directly to him. When that happened, Julie, who was unaware a report had been turned in, would be called into the situation and would have to answer questions about the report, questions that Julie would not be prepared to answer.

Further complicating the compliance department was the fact that Betty was not a team player. Whenever the department had to perform as a team, Julie had a tough time managing the team and had to act as a communication channel between the team and Betty (the team being: Monica, Alex, Camelia). With Betty refusing to communicate with anyone in the department, Julie had to find a way to save the department from utter chaos.

Julie, sometimes due to paucity of time, would ask Monica to delegate some of the work. Monica could do so with Camelia and Alex but not with Betty, as Betty would make it an ego issue. Or, even worse, Betty would frame the work Monica had asked her to do as work she was doing in part because of Monica’s inability to do her own job. Monica was not given the authority she had earned and in any other situation would have gotten which angered her and led to job dissatisfaction and ultimately, Monica took another job.

Betty was rude towards the junior staff of the company and had a reputation for not getting along


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