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Organization and Leadership Analysis

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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Assessment Code: C200

Student Name: Keshia Coleman

Student ID: 375795


Student Mentor Name: Tina Curtis

Table of Contents

Organization Overview                                                                                3

Organization Description                                                                        3

Leadership Practices                                                                                3

Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture                                        5

SWOT Analysis                                                                                6

Organizational Strengths                                                                         7

Organizational Weaknesses                                                                         7

Organizational Opportunities                                                                         9

Organizational Threats                                                                                9

Leadership Evaluation                                                                                 10

Leadership Strengths                                                                                 10

Leadership Weaknesses                                                                         11

Recommendations for Leadership Development                                                         12

References                                                                                         14

This company's objective is to deliver "maximum fashion and value to its shoppers" (Dillards, 2014); by offering captivating products such as clothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, and home goods. These compelling selections are complemented by exceptional customer service (Dillards, 2014). I chose Dillard's because I have been working for them since September 2014 and I have gotten the opportunity to observe the organization and its "leader" Brent Tripp who is a middle level manager (assistant store manager). However, I hope to learn how to create a more team structure organization because teams are beneficial to the organization.


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